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Have fun canyoning in Gran Canaria! Canyoning is one of the most fascinating activities in adventure sports and is ideal for groups or families, suitable for adults and children. The nature of Gran Canaria offers unique and spectacular itineraries to live an unforgettable experience during your holidays, all you need is a spirit of adventure and the desire to have a good time.

Canyoning is possible for everybody because we adjust the activity to the customer. Our guides are specialized in activities like this, they will take care of your safety during the whole session. We also provide you with the necessary equipment: wetsuit, helmet, and personal protective equipment which consists of a harness, carabiner and eight.

The most magical part is abseiling through waterfalls, with assistance from the guide you go down step by step while the waterfall is running. This gives you an adrenaline rush which makes it an unforgettable moment for the whole group.

The activity starts at our meeting points in Las Palmas and Maspalomas, where you will be picked up by car. Then we drive to the canyon where you get a short safety instruction from the guide. After the instruction, you can gear up and prepare yourself. A final safety check and we’re to take off!

We have a 5-min. walk to the start of the canyon, after this, we’re ready for the real part: the canyon himself. Step by step we make our way through the wilderness, with a few natural slides where pleasure is guaranteed. While moving there is enough time to take some adventurous pictures of yourself and your friends/family.

When we’ve overcome the obstacles and route we’re ready for the last part of the adventure: a little hike back to the van through nature. It’s an experience that must be done! While hiking the guide will tell you a lot about the fauna and flora that we cross. Once we’ve arrived at the car it’s time to enjoy the view for the last couple of minutes.

Last but not least we gear up and put everything back into the car and enjoy a well-deserved break. After this adventure, we take you back to the drop-off point with a great and adventurous experience.

Gran Canaria is the perfect place to practice the ‘canyoning’ activity. The weather allows that the activity can be done all year round. The chance that the activity will be canceled because the weather is very small. Wetsuits ensure that you don’t get cold when performing the activity.

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