María Luisa Holiday Cottage

"Casa María Luisa" is the first cottage within the Ecological Farm known as Montañón Negro, located in the "Monumento Natural Montañón Negro, C-15" which is part of the network of natural spaces of the Canary Islands. Situated at an altitude of 1,500 metres, it was built on top of the flowstones of the last volcano in Gran Canaria, which dates back to approximately 3,000 BC. This date could be established by a carbon-14 test carried out on the petrified pine that appeared on the southern face of the Montañón, an area where a type of pyroclastic rocks known as picón have been extracted since the 1950s. This pine is on display today in the island’s Botanical Gardens known as "Jardín Canario" so visitors can look at it. The flora and fauna of the whole place is very rich and varied, and here you can find samples of almost all the species that are typical of the highest regions of Gran Canaria, as well as large tree species of great landscape value, such as cedars, firs or poplars. Particularly, you will find many chestnuts and walnut trees. Because the temperatures inside the volcanic cone and the variety of food in the surrounding areas, you can always find a population of birds of prey and corvids in the area. Woodpeckers is one of the species that grow fatter and fatter each day in the Montañón. Thanks to the environmental sensitivity and awareness shown by the owners, the City Council of Gran Canaria has carried out our several "Life projects" to support species such as the Blue Chaffinch and the Rabiche Pigeon, by surrendering land for reforestation with native species, which are necessary for the spread of the above-mentioned species. For the last ten years, the property has combined the activity of rural tourism with agricultural and livestock activities and forestry use. Casa María Luisa is always very well received by its guests because of the peace and quiet they find here and the purity of the air that can be breathed, and which can be felt throughout the whole area of the Montañón Negro Natural Monument. It has a capacity for 4 people and pets are allowed with prior notice.


Terrace• Wi-Fi • Parking space • Washing machine

Fod and drinks

Barbecue · Kitchen

Pool and Wellness

Accepted credit cards


Hiking• Wine tourism • Agrotourism


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Accommodation capacity

4 people


Pets are allowed


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María Luisa Holiday Cottage

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